Innovative Research

Innovative Advisory Group was founded to bring innovation to the wealth management industry by combining both traditional and alternative investments. By providing a wide variety of investment options, our clients are able to pursue a proper diversification with their portfolio, including areas that they have a particular expertise in. We have an extensive understanding of the regulatory and financial considerations involved with self-directed IRAs and other retirement accounts. This skill set is essential to anyone who is looking beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. This innovative approach to wealth management is due in part to our ability to think creatively outside the box. This thought process carries over into other aspects of our profession and related areas as well.

Innovative Advisory Group's innovation and thought leadership transcends beyond self-directed IRAs, self-directed 401ks, and alternative investments into other related areas of investing, economics, and complex problems requiring innovative solutions. Innovative Advisory Group creates proprietary research, due diligence, white papers, and articles for public consumption. All of this research is available on this site. If you want us to engage in a specific project, please contact us for more information.

Industry Research - Self Directed IRA and 401(k)s

Innovative Advisory Group is both a pioneer and industry thought leader when it comes to alternative investments held in Self-directed IRAs and Self Directed 401(k)s. While the industry itself is fragmented, difficult to understand and lacks transparency and oversight, we have made tireless efforts to change that.

Innovative Advisory Group is shedding light on the Self-Directed IRA industry participants (Custodians, Administrators, Licensed Facilitators, Coordinators, and Investment Sponsors), what their roles are, what they are allowed and not allowed to do, and how that affects their potential clients. Our due diligence team has aggregated this information from both public and private sources, and we have produced reports that are available upon request. If you are interested in learning more about our research you can obtain it here.

Inflation Monitor

The IAG Inflation Monitor is a monthly report we create at Innovative Advisory Group to track Inflation and Deflation. This monthly report aggregates inflation information from different parts of the US economy. It is a report based on publicly available information as well as some of Innovative Advisory Group's proprietary research. The Inflation Monitor is relevant to someone who is interested in learning more about inflation and how it works, as well as someone who wants to keep a finger on the pulse of inflation with information that cannot be easily perceived from just reading the most recently published CPI number. The most recent report can be found monthly on our Innovative Advisory Group blog. You can also join our email list so that the Inflation automatically shows up in your inbox each month.

Due Diligence Reports

Innovative Advisory Group periodically creates due diligence reports for individuals and companies pertaining to investments, fund managers, vendors, custodians, administrators, and more. Some of these reports are made available publicly, and some are reserved for clients. We have recently created due diligence reports on self-directed IRA custodians and administrators. You can contact us here to learn more about our due diligence reports.

White Papers & Articles

Innovative Advisory Group has written many articles pertaining to subjects such as self-directed IRAs, how to use your IRA to invest in horses or private equity, solutions to the banking crisis, solutions to the US debt crisis, and many others. These articles are either long-form detailed research or well thought out idea pieces. These types of articles are written more infrequently and tend to be written based on event-related research. Visit the Articles section of our site to read more.

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