Portfolio Management

Innovative Advisory Group has a unique platform that enables us to provide customized portfolios with low correlation, value-based assets, and highly-targeted to manage risk. The result is we are able to make our clients' lives better so they can use their investments to have more cash flow at their disposal to enjoy what life has to offer on their terms.

Innovative Wealth Management - Shedding new light onto Traditional investment portfolios.

Today’s fast-paced global economy reminds us that a value-driven investment philosophy requires more than a traditional buy and hold approach for success. Different investment environments require different approaches to succeed. We have noticed that since 2000, the financial markets around the world have changed at an increasing rate, requiring a more in-depth understanding of how markets work and interact with each other. The global financial crisis in 2008 was caused in large part by this inter-connectivity of global markets and their increased correlation to each other. While most financial firms have failed to notice or address this new challenge, we have taken it head-on and created innovative solutions to overcome it.

Portfolio Customization - Portfolio Management customized for you.

Every person has a different path in life and different goals along that path. A person's investment portfolio should reflect that path and be unique to them. While Innovative Advisory Group's investment philosophy remains the same for each client, we customize each client's portfolio for their specific needs. There are many ways to manage wealth, whether our clients are growing their wealth, sustaining it for themselves and future generations, or giving it to charitable causes, we make sure our clients are on the right path for success.

Risk Management - Our top priority

Risk management is one of the most important factors in portfolio management. Every investor experiences losses at some point in time. This is a natural part of investing, without risk there would be no reward. While most people perceive risk being directly tied to rewards in a proportional way (i.e. if you take more risk, then you have the potential for more rewards), we see it differently. We look for investments which have an asymmetrical risk to reward situation where the reward far outweighs the risk being taken. While this type of situation is harder to find in the publicly traded markets, it is much easier to find in non-publicly traded ones. This is one of the reasons why we find non-traditional investments so appealing.

Many investors think diversification is the only tool to manage risk. Working with us, you will find out that this is only one of many tools we use to manage risk for our clients.

Our "Risk Management First" philosophy is a core value of our firm. Most people look at risk management as tied to their investments. While this is an important part of risk management, risk goes beyond investments. It affects all aspects of our lives (professionally, your family, physical and mental health, future generations, and more). We look for opportunities to make a positive impact on all aspects of our clients lives. Find out more about our Risk Management process.

Diversification - Using alternative assets and strategies to get true diversification

The need for diversification has become more important as asset correlations have become more closely aligned in recent years. Most investment portfolios focus their efforts on traditional assets classes such as publicly traded stocks, bonds, or cash using investment vehicles such as mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs), or separately managed accounts (SMA). While these are important assets to consider, they are only some of the available asset classes or vehicles which people can use to meet their investment goals. Many investors believe that their portfolio is "diversified" without really understanding why it is important or how it is done correctly. Diversification is an important tool of the risk management process. When done properly, it should provide a less volatile portfolio which stands up to adverse economic headwinds and unexpected economic results.

Diversification with alternative investments is one way to improve a portfolio's health by helping to mitigate portfolio risk. Recently alternative investments have become a trendy word to describe assets and investment vehicles such as hedge funds, structured products, managed futures, FOREX and non-traded REITs. However these are only some of the many investments and strategies available to investors. Other investments which can be considered are: Investment real estate, private mortgages, tax liens, structured settlements, raw land, oil and gas LPs, timberland, farmland, horses, livestock, physical gold and silver coins or bullion, private businesses or franchises, private equity, venture capital, sports franchises, artwork, stamps and other collectibles, equipment leasing and asset backed lending or factoring. Opportunity, creativity, and time are the only limiting factors in what can be considered an investment for a portfolio. Learn more about Alternative Investments.

Innovative Advisory Group - a solution for your customized portfolio management needs

We value the relationships that we create with our clients. We consider them part of our family. It is important to us that our clients are involved, confident, and empowered by our wealth management team, so that they can spend their time doing the things that are most important to them. We assist each client and their family members in making the best choices and taking control of their financial future with increased confidence.

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