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When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Family's Financial Plan?

The term "Financial Planning" can encompass anything from balancing the family budget to managing a complex collection of assets, saving for college, and assessing retirement goals and needs. At Innovative Advisory Group, Financial Planning starts by identifying and understanding our client's situation as it exists today. We look at income and expenses, assets and liabilities, familial relationships, unique needs, and future goals. This is a client-driven, goal-based approach in which all of the information we gather helps to determine the plan. We encourage you to think of your plan in different dimensions, beyond your primary goals. For example, you may want to save for your retirement income, but why not think beyond that, to how you might use the same plan to map out multi-generational wealth transfer strategies?

One of our strengths is putting a comprehensive set of variables and data in an understandable format, a "snapshot" that shows where you are on your financial journey, how financially sound your current lifestyle choices are, and how different choices will affect a similar snapshot of your future such as how adjusting existing expenses can create savings that fund other objectives and help you reach a chosen goal faster.

How Do You Define Success?

It is not always just about money. A plan that is unrealistic in terms of human wants and needs, even if impressive in financial gains, is not likely to succeed in the long run. All life decisions have an impact on emotions, health, and happiness. A good financial plan should manage wealth toward the goal of creating a sense of security, satisfaction, and accomplishment, and contribute to harmony and comfort in the lives of you and your family.

We believe that when we have advised you well, you will be looking at a plan that you are comfortable with, one that surprises you with capabilities and promise, fits your personal lifestyle choices and helps you reach your goals in the timeframe of your choosing.

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