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What will you get in the program:

  • Getting a realistic cost of college in the search process
  • Understanding chances for merit and need-based aid
  • Understanding affordability for your situation
  • Avoiding the gotchas(!) in the twists and turns of financial aid
  • Help in filling out the financial aid forms
  • Understanding which college gave you the best offer and what the college will truly cost
  • Understanding how to ask for more aid
  • Understanding the various payment options and how to determine which is right for you

Specifically, what you get help with:

Package Full custom program
 What is it?  Individualized, fully customized 1:1 advice, where we do most of the work for or with you. We handle the research, the analysis, and develop strategies fully tailored to your student and family.
 Ideal for... OR (next category) Self-employed / business owner or “Complicated” finances (divorce, inheritance, etc.) 
Student Grade  8th - 12th
Fin Aid and Payment Strategies  Fully customized
Individual meetings Unlimited, but as needed
 Monthly webinars Yes
 Monthly open office hours Yes
 Email support Unlimited
 Overview of topics covered:
Overview of financial aid Yes
Review school list for aid considerations / Suggest other schools Yes
Calculate Expected Family Contribution Yes
Determine initial strategies to increase aid and/or payment Yes
Determine affordability Yes
Debt payoff strategies, if needed Yes
Assist completing financial aid forms (Senior year only - younger than seniors this would be part of the annual on-going consulting fee) Yes
 Retirement income planning Yes
Compare aid awards and negotiation strategies Yes
Review private and public loan options Yes

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