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self directed ira faq


Self Directed IRA FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Self Directed IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified plans allow the account owner to have a lot of flexibility of choices of what they can invest in. However with these choices comes a set of rules that needs to be followed to ensure the IRA remains compliant. We realize that reading through the Internal Revenue Code, ERISA rules, and other related areas is not high on the priority list for most investors. We have created this Self Directed IRA FAQ for investors, to help answer a lot of their questions.

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What is a Self-Directed IRA?

I Have never heard of Self-Directed IRAs before. Are they new?

IRA vs Self-Directed IRA     (What's the Difference?)

What can I invest in with my self-directed IRA?

How can I fund my self-directed IRA account?

Which self directed IRA custodian do you recommend working with?

How can I find a self directed IRA custodian with good service and low fees?

What makes a self-directed IRA custodian different from the custodian that holds my stocks?

What retirement accounts are allowed to be rolled or transferred into my self-directed IRA?

Do I need a qualified custodian to hold my self-directed IRA assets?

What is a prohibited transaction?

What is a disqualified person?

When am I allowed to withdraw money from my self-directed IRA?

Can my self-directed IRA invest with other investors or partners?

Can I get a mortgage on real estate held in my self-directed IRA account?

Can I use my self-directed IRA as collateral on a loan?

Am I required to get annual valuations on assets held in my self-directed IRA account?

Someone have told me I should have a LLC for my self-directed IRA investments. Is this necessary?

Where can I find more information about self-directed IRAs?

How can I get advice about self-directed IRAs?

Self Directed IRA common mistakes

Looking for More Information About Self Directed IRAs?

These are the most common mistakes investors make with self-directed IRAs

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