Contact: Investment Sponsors and Vendors

Vendors for Wealth Management firms:

We welcome companies to contact us in consideration for their solutions, investment ideas, or products. We have high standards in everything we do and we look to utilize companies who operate the same way.

As an innovative wealth management firm, we are continuously searching to find the best technology and solutions to improve our clients’ experience. If you want us to consider your software or solutions, please fill out the contact form below and we will follow up with you if it is applicable to our needs.

Investment Sponsors:

As a specialized wealth management firm, we are continuously striving to find the best investments which fit our strict criteria. Every investment that we consider goes through an extensive and rigorous due diligence process. We have high standards with this process. Most investments do not make it through the first stage of this process. We welcome any investment sponsors to contact us with information about their investment fund, strategy, or idea. Please be aware that due to the high volume of investment firms contacting us on a regular basis, we cannot consider any investment unless it goes through the proper channel. If a company does not follow this process, they will not be considered.

Please note that if your idea is considered by our firm, you will hear from us with further instructions about our due diligence process. You will receive a request for additional information, and the next steps in our process.

Please fill out the contact form below with all the relevant information which you feel we need to consider your investment.This information is different for each investment, so use your best judgement in this first step.

Please feel free to attach any documents which you think we would find useful in considering your investment. There is no standard template which we require. Summaries are best, but one page tear sheets showing only performance are not sufficient. Please do not send PPMs, operating agreements, or documents which are longer than 5 pages. We do not review them in the first step of our due diligence process. We will request this additional information if your investment is to be considered by our firm.

We will contact you if we need additional information. Please do not call us to see if we have considered your investment. Fielding calls from investment sponsors takes time away from our clients and our clients are our top priority. Therefore we do not accept phone calls from investment sponsors until the second stage of the process where we request additional information.

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