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Innovative Advisory Group is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor and does not retain custody of any client accounts, securities, cash or investments. Additionally, Innovative Advisory Group does not issue statements of investments and their values.

Innovative Advisory Group uses a variety of custodians or brokers for its clients, depending on the type of account as well as the investments that are being held on behalf of the client. Not all clients may have accounts at all custodians or brokers listed, and use of a custodian or broker is dependent on specific discussions with the client with final approval by the client.

The following are the links to the custodians or brokers where client accounts are maintained for which Innovative Advisory Group has been retained as an advisor. Innovative Advisory Group has appropriate working relationship with each of these custodians or brokers to enable the effective management of a client portfolio. Innovative Advisory Group is not affiliated with any custodian or broker listed here.

Innovative Advisory Group provides a document hosting portal for its clients, at no additional cost to the clients, through a third-party service within whom Innovative Advisory Group has formed a working relationship. Clients are not obligated to use this service, but those who do use this service, the information is maintained in a secure manner in accordance with the policies and procedures of the third-party service. Innovative Advisory Group is not affiliated with the document hosting portal and any queries with regards to usage should be directed directly with the document hosting portal firm.

The logo’s and URL’s for all the external links provided here belong to their respective owners.

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