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The principals of Innovative Advisory Group have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg Business Week, The New York Times, Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, The DiWire, Financial Planning Magazine, CNN Money, Structured Products Daily, as well as a number of well known finance blogs, radio stations and podcasts. On this page you can review all the media, podcasts, videos, and press releases in one place. If you are interested in a press kit, please contact us .

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Grow Money Business - July 2022

Kirk was a guest on the Grow Money Business Podcast with Grant Bledsoe. We had a great conversation about Inflation, Monetary policy, interest rates, risk management, the Federal Reserve's strategy and more.  This is a deeper dive into inflation.

Money Answers - July 2022

Kirk was a guest on the Money Answers show with Jordan Goodman. We  discussed inflation, good and bad places to invest when we have high inflation, how to protect yourself and more.

Your Money Mom - April 2022

We discussed helping late stage college planning, how to avoid the common money mistakes, whether it makes sense to pay for a car in cash, questions parents should be asking when planning for college, and more.

The Land Geek - August 2021

We discussed wealth management as an industry, why IAG has focused on being innovative, why investors are not aware of how the investment industry works, and why the industry does not talk about investing outside the stock market. Learn how to invest smarter.

Benzinga Live - April 2021

We had a great debate of whether Gold or Bitcoin was better. We discussed how each fair in, hedging market volatility, inflation protection, store of value, ESG mining concerns, biggest risks, and more. 

Benzinga Power Hour - March 2021

Great interview with Jason Raznick on Benzinga's Power Hour. We discuss crypto currency, risk management, how to invest in this market and more.

Presidents Week 2020 - November 2020

We had a great debate of whether Gold or Bitcoin was better. We discussed how each fair in, cross boarder transactions, privacy/practical, intrinsic value, longevity, counterfeit, liquidity. 

BiggerPockets Money - October 2020

This was a WOW, knock your socks off interview with Kirk Chisholm on Bigger Pockets Money Podcast with Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench. This is a whole hour of pure gold. He discussed why you should consider alternative investments, who they are a good fit for (and not a fit for), and he discusses some of the pros and cons of alts, and more. Listen Here...

Financial Survival Network - June 2020

Kirk Chisholm was recently interviewed on the Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz. He discussed why the markets are not operating normally, why your investment strategy is not going to give you the outcome you expect, and how to protect yourself from market manipulation. Listen Here...

Smart Real Estate Coach - April 2020

Kirk Chisholm was recently interviewed on Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast with Chris Prefontaine. We how to invest in real estate using your IRA. This was a fun interview. Listen Here...

My Worst Investment Ever - October 2019

Kirk Chisholm was recently interviewed on My Worst Investment Ever Podcast. We discuss bad investments, how they make you better as an investor, and the best ways to learn from them. Listen Here...

Investor Mindset - June 2019

Kirk Chisholm was recently interviewed on Investor Mindset Podcast. He discusses how he looks at investing, why a good mindset is important, and some ways you can improve yours to become a better investor. Listen Here...

Passive Real Estate Investing - May 2019

Kirk Chisholm was recently interviewed on Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast with Marco Santarelli. We discuss why real estate is such a powerful asset for creating legacy wealth, why inflation is so important to your performance and the importance of the "glue". Listen Here...

Trading Justice - November 2018

Kirk Chisholm was recently interviewed on Trading Justice Podcast. He discusses market conditions, thoughts on where the markets are going, and potential risks to watch out for. Listen Here...

CEO Money - America's Business Show - October 2018

Kirk Chisholm is one of America's leading financial advisors when it comes to self directed IRA investing. Michael Yorba interviews Kirk on CEO Money, a show focusing on the needs of executives from the C-Suite. Kirk discusses using your retirement account to invest in alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies and how to discover your purpose in retirement. Listen Here...

Cash Flow Hacking Podcast - May 2018

Kirk Chisholm was recently interviewed by Casey Stubbs on the Cash Flow Hacking Podcast where he discussed the advantages of using alternative investments to invest in what you know. Listen on YouTube...

Let's Talk Money - March 2018

Kirk Chisholm is one of America's leading financial advisors in self-directed IRAs and alternative investments. In this exclusive interview, he reveals the mistakes investors make with their retirement plans and how to invest for the future. Listen here...

Buying Vs Renting Your Primary Residence (interview of Kirk Chisholm)

Stratosphere Investing - January 2018

In this exclusive podcast interview Kirk Chisholm discusses his thoughts on one financial topic almost everyone thinks they know. Your primary residence as an investment... spoiler alert... Its not an investment. Learn why. 

Advanta IRA Webinar - January 2018

Advanta IRA interviews Kirk Chisholm about how he uses alternative investments held in self directed IRAs with his wealth management clients. Why diversification outside of the stock is important to your investment portfolio. Listen here...

Wealth Management and Self Directed IRAs (interview of Kirk Chisholm)

Tax Advisor and Business Coach Success Podcast - December 2017

Tax Advisor and Business Coach Success Podcast host Liz Soria interviews Kirk Chisholm about the wealth management industry and how he uses self directed IRAs to provide greater diversification options to his clients. Listen here...

JimJim Reinnovation Revolution Podcast - November 2017

Jim interviews Kirk Chisholm about crypocurrencies, alternative investments and how to get true diversification in your portfolio. If you have not yet bought bitcoin and you are wondering if you should consider it for your portfolio Listen here...

Alternative Investments For Your Portfolio (interview of Kirk Chisholm)

2 Frugal Dudes Podcast - October 2017

Kevin and Sean interview Kirk Chisholm about how to buy alternative investments, some examples of alternative investments, calculating the risk of owning them, alternative investments in your retirement, and investing in cryptocurrency. 

Goldstein on Gelt Podcast - October 2017

Goldstein on Gelt Podcast interviews Kirk Chisholm about self-directed IRAs and whether it is a good idea to use one for your retirement investing Listen here...

Bank Bosun Podcast - August 2017

Bank Bosun Podcast interviews Kirk Chisholm about self-directed IRAs, alternative investments and whether a bank should get into the alternative investment custody business. Kirk gets into detail about the custody industry and how they make the sausage Listen here...

Bank Bosun Podcast - August 2017

Bank Bosun Podcast interviews Kirk Chisholm about self-directed IRAs and alternative investments. Should you invest in alternative investments? What are some alts you may want to consider for your portfolio? What are the risks and how to manage them? Kirk gets into detail about alternative investments held in retirement accounts. Listen here...

Self Directed IRA Investing with Wealth Manager Kirk Chisholm

SDIRA TV Podcast - August 2017

SDIRA TV interviews Kirk Chisholm, Wealth Manager at Innovative Advisory Group about self-directed IRAs, alternative investments, self-directed IRA custodians, due diligence, and more.

Get Rich Education - November 2016

Get Rich Education interviews Kirk Chisholm about whether it makes sense to rent or buy your home. This innovative look at the financial and personal decision of renting vs buying a home will make you think twice before you make one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. Listen here...

Institutional Real Estate Inc. Podcast - September 2016

Rajeev discusses his organization's decision to make IAG a virtual firm with regard to its use of technology. He tells us about the key question he asked himself before moving forward, and about the essentials of making a virtual office operate successfully. Listen here...

Domain Name Wire Podcast - January 2016

Andrew Allemann interviews Kirk Chisholm about investing in domain name urls inside a self-directed IRA. Listen here...

Disrupt Your Retirement Plan

MindDrippings Podcast - November 2015

In a world of investment roller coaster rides comes an alternative investment strategy. A world of magic and wizardry. A world unlike any other. Welcome to the world of Self Directed IRAs.

Money Tree Podcast - November 2015

Traditional investments of stocks and bonds are beginning to be more and more correlated. This makes it hard to be diversified in your portfolio. Today we talk about alternative investments that can help you reduce the overall correlation of your assets. Listen here.

Self Directed IRAs with Kirk Chisholm

MoneyPlan SOS Podcast - July 2015

Steve interviews Kirk about Self-Directed IRAs. Kirk discusses some interesting investments, custodians and administrators.

Intro to Self Directed IRAs: How to Invest in Real Estate, Tax Liens, Gold and Silver, Structured Settlements, Horses, Livestock, Farmland, Timberland, and More with Your IRA with Kirk Chisholm

Radical Personal Finance Podcast - January 2015

I’ve been looking for an expert on self-directed IRAs to bring on the show and I was thrilled to meet Kirk Chisholm at FinCon last year...

Money Tree Investing

Check out the most recent episode of Money Tree Investing Podcast...

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