Advisor Assisted Alternatives (A3)


Sub Advisor Platform:

Are you an advisor who likes their current firm but wants the ability to offer more to your clients?

If you are like most advisors, you are satisfied with your current firm and are not actively looking advisor assisted alternativesto change. However, whether you work at a broker-dealer or an independent RIA, all advisors want the best for their clients and are looking to expand their scope of potential investments. Investing in alternative assets inside retirement accounts is a specialized field and requires a lot of background and understanding of the logistics, Internal Revenue Code (IRC), recent case law, ERISA, and risk management. This is not an easy skill-set to master, especially if you only need to learn this for only one or two clients. We have a solution for you…   Advisor Assisted Alternatives ( A3)

Our sub-advisor platform is similar to the SMA structure most advisors are familiar with.  Our A3 platform allows the advisor to continue to advise their client as they would with any investment, however, the advisor would outsource the logistical and risk management elements of investing in alternative assets inside a retirement account to IAG. We make the process seamless and hassle-free for the advisor and their clients. This enables the advisor can retain the client relationship and build upon it by offering investments which most other advisors do not offer. This competitive advantage is rare in the investment advisory field. Whether the client is looking to invest in a specific asset in their retirement account or they are just looking for something outside the stock and bond markets, we can help.

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