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Our Wealth Management Services cater to clients and their families. The application of these services will vary based on the unique needs of each client and are determined in the analysis stage of our process. Our clients' needs can range from a simple financial plan for a family member all the way to a complex inter-relationship between family members, which include co-owned assets, trusts, portfolio management, self-directed IRAs, 401k plans, and elaborate estate planning. While some of the wealth management needs are provided by other legal and tax professionals, we help coordinate the efforts of all professionals to simplify the process for our clients.

Our Innovative Wealth Management is the combination of traditional wealth management services and innovative advisory services allowing clients to have greater options, tools, and a more seamless approach to their wealth management needs.



Innovative Portfolio Management 

The traditional portfolio management techniques have been proven to be less effective than once thought, so we have developed a more innovative way to manage your wealth. We have taken these traditional approaches, such as Efficient Market Hypothesis, and Modern Portfolio Theory, and improved on them to create a more effective approach to managing wealth. The result is portfolios with a lower correlation, risk, and volatility, and more predictable results.


Risk Management Assessments

The risk of an investment is generally correlated to its return. While we recognize this fact, there are many ways to mitigate risk. Risk Management is an important component of wealth management. Our risk analysis includes assessments of risk for individual investments or assets, portfolio allocation, macroeconomic outlooks, income disruption, investment structure, external factors, and more. Proper risk management results in lower risk with greater predictability of performance.


Self-Directed IRA Management and Advice

Our firm is a leading expert in the management of self-directed IRAs, 401ks, or other retirement accounts. We provide financial advice (including risk management, proper structuring, investment analysis, and ongoing guidance) pertaining to alternative investments inside a retirement account. You can feel comfortable with this complex process because you know we are providing you the proper safeguards and guidance.


Alternative Investment Planning and Implementation

Non-publicly traded investments can have many advantages over publicly traded securities (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds), such as lower correlation, greater transparency, and a wider selection of investments. In addition, we have found that many of these alternative asset classes are under-represented in client portfolios. Our clients typically request that we either implement an investment strategy that incorporates investments that they are familiar with, or find alternative investments that are suitable for their portfolio. We are constantly searching for new and better investment ideas for our clients that meet our strict standards.


Financial Planning Analysis

Goal-oriented financial planning is similar to any journey - Assess the starting point, figure out where the ultimate destination is, and then develop a road map to get you there. The financial plan analysis results in the creation of a report that reflects your wealth, assets, liabilities and risks in a clear and enlightening format. Frequent uses for our financial planning analysis include: retirement, education, estate, and other goal-based plans.


Special Advisor Services

Our firm offers the service of being a "special advisor" with certain self-directed IRA custodians. This role has recently become a requirement at many of these custodians when they provide custody of a Checkbook LLC asset. This service allows our clients to once again use Checkbook LLCs at some of the largest self-directed IRA custodians.


401k Plan Advisor

Our firm advises 401k plans for small to mid-sized companies. While most companies have a restricted selection of traditional mutual funds choices, there is a growing desire to expand into other investment types to include ETFs, stocks, and alternative assets. IAG can advise your company on both the construction and implementation of your 401k plan and also advise in the investment selection process.


Strategic Consulting

Our professional expertise allows us to provide specific, targeted advice and implementation on a consulting basis which is outside the traditional duties of wealth management.


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